How to Detect Kansas City Water Leaks

Posted by on Sep 25, 2014 in Leak Detection Kansas City

Water leak detection can quickly be performed in a number of ways. Lots of house owners observe their water use has to do with 8,000-15,000 gallons monthly. Nevertheless, if that number increases without description, you may have a water leak. Water leaks can take place in many places including toilets, faucets, lawn sprinkler and swimming pool filters. Finding a leak can be hard and Leak Detection Kansas City has advanced leak detection methods that can assist in the less obvious situations.

Check the Toilet

Toilets are an usual source of leaks in houses. If you suspect you have a leaky toilet, put a couple of drops of food coloring into the tank. After waiting several minutes, examine the toilet bowl. If the food coloring appears in the bowl, you’ve got a dripping flapper, which can quickly be changed by a plumbing technician. And an usual sign of a toilet that’s leaking is a continuous noise of water running.

Examine Faucets Leak Detection Kansas City

Checking for leaking faucets is not difficult for a home owner. Underneath all sinks should be inspected, consisting of restrooms and kitchens. One should look for damp spots, which suggest leakage. If you identify a leaking faucet, put a bowl or pan under the location to avoid damage to the surrounding location. Avoid running the faucet till a plumber has repaired the leak.

Examine the Exterior of Your Home

Leak detection outdoors can be more difficult. A common location where leakage happens is sprinkler heads. Occasionally, a sprinkler head will certainly break, triggering extreme leakage to take place while the system is on. Replacing sprinkler heads can treat the problem and save money on water usage. Other exterior leaks can be tough to discover. Nevertheless, if you suspect a leak, contact us. Water Leak Detection Kansas City is experienced in leak detection, and can assist identify and deal with the concern.

Swimming Pools

Another usual source of leakage is pool. Systems with automatic filters can experience a breakdown, which results in expensive leakage. Having an expert examine the location will certainly determine if there’s an issue.

Leak Detection Using Your Water Meter

If you’ve examined everywhere and can’t identify a leak, there’s the ultimate leak detection approach. Have us work with your city utility company to turn off your water, and then observe the water meter. If the water meter logs use while the water is shut off, that implies you’ve got a leak. However, if no leakage is observed, you can be confident that your house is leak-free.

Leak and Drain Repair Kansas City also utilizes high tech equipment that can help us locate leaks as well, which we will talk about here.