Three Kansas City Slab Leak Facts

Posted by on Oct 7, 2014 in Leak Repair Kansas City

Slab leaks. It’s a slightly intimidating-sounding name. Which is appropriate, because if slab leaks in your house are not cared for soon, they can trigger extensive damage in your house that will certainly cause costly repairs.

No matter how daunting slab leakages could sound, they are something that expert plumbers encounter and repair often. With the right training and the ideal devices, they can manage the needed work to protect your plumbing and your house from the damage slab leaks can cause.

When you suspect you have a slab leak or leaks in your house, call Leak Repair Kansas City for expert plumbing services.

What to Know About Kansas City Slab LeaksLeak Repair Kansas City

Exactly what they are: The term slab leak is plumber-speak for any pipe leak that takes place in a water line running under concrete floors. It does not designate the size of the leak, just its area. A slab leak can be pinhole-sized. However, even a small pinhole slab leakage can wreck a huge amount of damage because of the pressure that will develop from the water, causing splitting along the flooring product and slab moving resulting in much more breaks. Regardless of size, slab leakages need professional repairs done promptly.

How they are discovered: Although you can see and hear the proof of slab leaks yourself (the noise of running water after you shut off the flow, breaking along concrete flooring, mildew development on the floor, unusual warm spots, and spikes in your water expense), it needs professional plumbing technicians skilled in leak detection to identify their precise location. Plumbing technicians make use of sound detection gadgets to listen for the water leakages, and scanners that search for high pressure regions. Utilizing these tools and their experience, plumbers can limit the exact area to target for repairs.

How they are repaired: You could worry that dealing with a slab leakage will require ripping up your floors till a space resembles the groundbreaking for a new skyscraper. However skilled plumbers will usually just have to produce a small opening to repair a slab leak once they have determined it. Sometimes, they can utilize an in-pipe coating to deal with the leak, which includes no invasive procedures at all.

Since slab leaks are found below difficult floors, they are not issues you can hope to solve on your own. Ask for professional leak detection and repairs from our proficient plumbing technicians at Kansas City Leak Repair today.